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Since our inception, iPonytail has been totally focused on helping people we serve.

We are a boutique company with a focus on helping small business owners to start and grow their businesses.

From incubating an idea through growing a successful business, we offer creative and practical solutions that is only possible through various entrepreneurial experience, effective legal insight and pragmatic business analysis.

Business Support

We also provide guidance and support to small businesses that do not yet have or want a large internal staff. We are there when you need us to get the project done quickly.

We understand your need to reduce costs and are there with creative ideas and business advice to help.

You will find us a continual source of new ideas for controlling costs, improving profits and helping you to build a stronger business.


  • Preparing a business plan

  • Analysis of business operations

  • Business Identity / Branding

  • Developing a marketing program

  • Strategic Accounting & Tax Preparation

Business Law &

Personal Injury Case Management

We work very closely with the attorney and the client to make sure that we provide the best client experience possible.

We will guide you through;

  • California State Labor & Employment Law

  • Other violations of California Labor Codes

  • Partnership / LLC / Corporation formation

  • Contracts review and drafting

  • Auto-accident personal injury claims to recover for your suffering and injuries. 

Print Design

We are your one-stop source for all your media needs.

  • Graphic Design

  • Print Media Advertising Design

  • Business Cards / Brochure Design​

  • Packaging Design

  • Printing Service (Wholesale)

Lifestyle Support

We also offer personal assistance that suits your level of lifestyle. From running errands to managing your properties, we take care of the things you need to get done between work, personal lives and family responsibilities.

Time is your most precious resource, because it is the only one that is truly scarce.


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